Student Success-Vinni Petersen-Denmark

First of all – THANK YOU Ronelle.

I’m so grateful to be a part of the hand analysis year long training.  I’m learning so much I never knew existed. When I first met you in Denmark at the Lifeprints Intensive hand analysis class–I knew I couldn’t let you go!!! So here I am now, almost through the year long IIHA Certified Hand Analysis training.

I have changed through doing my own work in all this, but it is more like I woke up to my own stunning life and now I can give this “wake up call” to others. Every time I do a reading it’s like magic happens – for me and my clients. There is always an answer in the hands to the questions we ask.

I’ve also done my first mini-workshop for a group of 8 women–introducing them to the  world of IIHA Lifeprints Hand and Fingerprints Analysis. They were blown away and they all want to do more and I’ve already scheduled another workshop for the group!

And the best part of this for me is that I get to work on my own Life Lesson of “Family/Groups” and on my Life Purpose of “Standing In The Spotlight” when I do this for groups.  It’s a total win-win for me and for them.

I never knew how much hands could tell.  And now that I know it is an endless exiting story I’ll keep reading them…..

I recommend this training wholeheartedly! It is a fantastic and totally amazing world and you and Janet are the best teachers ever in it!!!!!

Vinni  Petersen
IIHA LifePrints Certified Hand Analyst
Life & Business  Coach


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