Student Success-Helen Evans-England

Hi Ronelle:

Having been in traditional business for 20 years before discovering LifePrints hand analysis, everyone thought I was mad to consider creating a new business that used hand analysis! Wow, have they changed their minds… I am rocking it here in the UK! I’ve been running my LifePrints hand analysis based business for about 18 months now. I’m getting the most amazing testimonials from my clients and I’ve been featured in 3 magazines and a national newspaper here in the UK. I’ve even had a short appearance on mainstream television, been interviewed on online radio and online TV shows…

I use LifePrints hand analysis like a lens that gives clarity to whatever I focus on, whether that’s my personal issues or the blocks my clients want to move through to create the lives they really want. This then allows me to use my experience (personal development, business, neuro-programming, astrology, mindset or spiritual knowledge) and gifts (problem solving, communication, intuition, influence and heart) as required. Hand analysis is the platform that has allowed me to integrate all my knowledge and skills into a unique signature system, which now gets me the appreciation and applause I so love!

My clients and peers tell me my phenomenal communication skills around all of this allows them to really understand what they need to do, and I love that! But. I could not communicate with the passion and skill I do without the thorough understanding you gave me when I trained with you, so thank you from me and from my clients…

With love, light and deep gratitude,
Helen Elizabeth Evans
IIHA LifePrints Certified Hand Analyst

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