Student Success-Jane Lever-Australia

Dear Ronelle:

Discovering my Life Purpose and Lesson through LifePrints hand Analysis completely changed the way I thought about myself and consequently did indeed change my life. The recognition of my purpose of Public Impact in the Healing Arts was so completely obvious once discovered that I felt compelled to try to help others who might be looking for help in their lives and so enrolled for the CHA Year Long Training.

The course was all consuming and Ronelle was always on-hand for support and guidance to help incorporate what we were learning into our own day-to-day lives.

I set up the business side whilst completing the CHA. One of my clients worked for Australia’s largest spiritual magazine. After telling them about her experience with me they asked me to write a two page article. They loved it so much they wanted a further two articles from me! Within a five month period and before completion of the CHA I had three feature articles published.

Fate played a further hand when celebrity medium and best-selling spiritual author and TV producer, James Van Praagh, heard about my work. I was very honored to be put into his exclusive list of recommended practitioners.

I am grateful for all the amazing opportunities that learning hand analysis through the IIHA with Ronelle has brought me!

Jane Lever
IIHA LifePrints Certified Hand Analyst

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