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How To Take Prints With Ink and Roller

In-Person Water-Based Hand Printing Supplies

You can get what you need from most FINE ART supply stores (NOT crafts stores like Michaels/Hobby Lobby in U.S.) and the items below are usually displayed together. They are all “block printing” supplies. Call first to see if they have the first three of the following in-stock:

Roller: The roller is called a brayer and you want one that is hard rubber. Minimum of 3 inches wide (7.62cm).

Ink: Speedball Water Soluble Block Printing Ink in black. Colors stain the hand. Outside of the US/Canada you will need to find the equivalent.

Linoleum: This is the surface you roll the ink out on to coat the brayer. 4 X 6 inch linoleum for 3 inch brayer or 5 X 7 inch linoleum for 4 inch brayer width.

The three above fit well into a large Ziplock bag together.

Paper: You can use any type of paper that will take the ink. Standard copy/laser paper works just fine.

Hand Printing Supplies Retailers is a good US-based online source for water-based supplies. Enter “block printing ink” “block printing brayer” and “linoleum” on UnitedNow’s site to find items or use these links: Speedball Ink | 4-in Hard Rubber Brayer | 5 x 7-in Linoleum

U.S.West Coast Source

Oil-Based Ink Sheets:
Look closely at text with the pictures to find the 6″ X 10″ sheets near the bottom of the list. Be aware that sheets have an approximate 6-12 month shelf life and come in minimum of 100. *NOTE! Towelettes no longer needed! Ink formula has changed and now washes easily with water and soap. Yay!

U.S. East Coast Source

Oil-Based Ink Sheets:

Canadian Sources

Fine Art Stores with Water-based ink supplies DeSerres has stores throughout Canada and online ordering. In Ontario there’s also Currys

You can order ink sheets in Canada from Crime Sciences, Inc. Click on Catalogue link, wait for it to load, then scroll down to find Fingerprint Taking and Ink Strips.

United Kingdom Source

Online Supplier with Water-based ink supplies

European Sources


*Distance-Based Printing Kit*

If you are one of our students, don’t re-invent the wheel! Get our distance-based printing kit with instructions, add your own contact info & graphics and you’re ready to go! Simply email us and ask and we’ll send it right over to you.


There are many magnifiers out there to assist you in looking at fingerprints. Maginifers keep evolving and it’s great! After re-researching in April 2018, here’s my favorite, with both 5X and 10X heads and lights! Lighted Magnifying Glass with Large 5X & 10X Lenses


The Ott Light Task lamp, which provides full-spectrum light and folds down for ease of portability is my favorite. I’ve had mine for over 15 years and have only had to replace the bulb once. My lamp is more well-traveled than many people I know and has gone into baggage more times than I can count and keeps on working. Ott is also making a Battery Operated Portable Lamp now too!

Digital Audio Recording, Storage, and Delivery

Life Purpose Hand Analysis Training Ronelle CoburnAs soon as you begin recording sessions that are more than a few minutes long you will find that the files are too large to email to your clients. Times are changing fast, cassette tapes are long gone, and CDs are soon to be dinosaurs too (the upcoming next generation of computers already lack CD/DVD drives). So what do you do? There are Digital Age answers! You will need two things: 1. a recorder and/or recording service and 2. a delivery system.

Life Purpose Hand Analysis Training Ronelle CoburnDigital Audio Recorder: for in-person recording (I recommend the Zoom H2n Handy Recorder for so many reasons—it has all possible input/output jacks & sound controls and AC power plug—you’ve gotta have AC plug or risk running out of battery power—as well as battery option and very small and light for high quality sound). Costs more, but trust me, it’s worth it. I bought and returned three other recorders before figuring out exactly what I needed. Set the REC MODE to MP3 64 and your MONO MIX to “ON.” I order this from Amazon.

For getting started you can use your cell phone to make audio recordings and upload to Dropbox Basic on a free account (with 2.25 GB of space!) for delivery to readee for no cost at all. You will want to save your readee’s files on your own computer for the future as you will eventually need to delete off of Dropbox to make space for new recordings (or upgrade to a paid plan). AND you must have enough free memory space on you cell phone and be fine with deleting files regularly for this option if your free memory is tight.

Life Purpose Hand Analysis Training Ronelle CoburnOnline recording/storage/delivery Service: Audio Acrobat is just the best and easiest service to use. You can upload your in-person recordings then get a link to email to your clients so they can get their recording. You can also dial into Audio Acrobat to record phone sessions then title your client’s file, grab the download link and email. And the storage is unlimited. If a client emails saying they lost their recording I can pull a new link and send it off to them again…even years later.