PostGrads—Force Of Habit THREE: Habits, Hands & PREDICTIONS

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In part THREE of our series on Habits, Hands & Predictions Video One takes a look at whether or not we are making predictions when we use LifePrints Modern Hand Analysis. And, if so, what do we do differently from predictive Traditional Palmists and what does historical context have to do with it anyway? In Video Two you’ll learn about timing on the Saturn Line how we approach it, and what it’s good for. In Video Three discover whether modern neuroscience thinks we humans have any Free Will (or not?!) and why the #1 Keystone Habit of Willpower’s vital importance to working with your Habit Loops so you can live up to your highest potentials in every way!

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Here We Go! | 54 minutes total

VIDEO ONE: Traditional & Modern “Predictions” & “Projections”

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