Looking for IIHA LifePrints Life Purpose Hand Analysis Training? You’ve Found It!

Want to live a purposeful life and want to give the gift of Life Purpose consciousness to others? Looking for the highest quality life purpose hand analysis training with the most support for the journey of your lifetime?  You are in the right place…

Welcome to the Life Purpose Academy, the home of certified distance-based IIHA LifePrints Hand Analysis training. (Well, we do have some in-person trainings too!)

This is the place for you IF you want…

  • To learn to translate the incredible Instruction Manual for Life written in the hands and fingerprints—for yourself and for others
  • To add LifePrints Hand Analysis to your existing practice, start up your own Hand Analysis business, and/or to accelerate your own personal growth beyond your wildest dreams
  • To study with the SOURCE of LifePrints Hand Analysis, the Life Purpose Academy is certified by and affiliated with the International Institute of Hand Analysis
  • The confidence and respect that comes with earning founding institute certification and with studying directly with trained IIHA Master Teachers
  • The highest amount of personal attention through plentiful small group and private tutoring with Master Teachers
  • The option for graduate level studies
  • To NOT have to travel for your training, which saves you much time and money
  • A very affordable investment for the highest quality programs that offer you groundbreaking tools for personal growth, an unparalleled opportunity for high-octane life transformation, and a lifelong profession (if you want it!)

Check out Our Programs for more information
and see if you want to come and GROW with us!

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