IIHA LifePrints Advanced Hand Analyst Training

life purpose training, scientific hand analysis, learn to read hands

You’ve taken the CHA course and want to get comfortable with the height and breadth of the huge quantities of database you’ve learned and your ability to pull it all together to understand the compelling story the hands are telling. You want to keep improving your ability to communicate effectively with your clients, and feel at ease with all aspects of delving into the rich and fascinating world of other’s hands and lives as well as your own life…

This course, taught by IIHA Master Teacher and bestselling author, Ronelle Coburn, will advance your studies of the science of hand analysis by teaching you the complex archetypes created by deep threading, as well as furthering your skills in the art of becoming a fluid eloquent analyst by: getting comfortable with your reading skills, doing more with less, expanding your understanding of everything in the hand, looking at the hands from different angles & what’s important according to the hands, incorporating more “good for you, good for them” counseling practices, adding to your toolbox for all aspects of working with clients, working with your own blind spots, personal growth, confidence and trust of yourself, and support of your next steps toward professional and personal integration.

IIHA LifePrints Advanced Hand Analyst Training

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Instructor: Ronelle Coburn, Master Hand Analyst & IIHA Master Teacher

All lecture sessions and group & private supervision are held via web-conference.

Tuition: 6,750 USD | Early Bird 6,250 USD
Payment Plans Available

Pre-Requisite: You must be an IIHA Certified Hand Analyst (CHA) to qualify for
the AHA. No exceptions. If you have studied under an instructor who has
certification with us but is not an affiliated faculty member of the IIHA,
please inquire about gaining CHA certification through testing with the IIHA.

For more information and to apply call 503-928-7798
so we can see if this course is right for you.