Student Success-Ann Perry-Canada

Hi Ronelle!

I just had to write to tell you how much fun (and success!) I’m having since completing the distance-based IIHA LifePrints Intensive program!

As you know, I have been doing numerology reading for several years. I fell upon your program and immediately knew it was the key I was looking for. The course itself led me not only on a professional journey, but on a personal one as well. When you uncovered my Life Purpose of “Successful Leader in the Healing Arts” it was like a siren went off and someone was releasing balloons! Finally! Finally someone GETS IT! I can’t express how liberating it was to be “officially” told that this is what I’m meant to be. I believe we know, at a soul level, what it is we are here to do, but so often we need outside validation to really act on it. It’s hard to believe how many years each one of us puts into the search for our Life Purpose when the information has always been as close as our fingertips!

Success? You betcha! My clients are so intrigued that I can now expand upon their life path found in their numerological charts. As amazing as numerology is, there is only so much I can tell them in a numerology reading and by incorporating LifePrints Hand Analysis I am able to give them a much clearer vision of themselves.

I am thrilled to be launching a website for doing hand analysis at I’ve also been invited to write a monthly column for the local newspaper and am booking speaking events at our local public libraries and at four women’s retreat weekends.

Thank you so much for being such an amazing mentor. What a gift I have given myself in pursuing LifePrints training with you. Anyone who has been struggling with taking a leap of faith in any direction in their lives would benefit from taking this course or having their hands read by you. Not only are you an incredible facilitator, you also know how to foster community amongst your students. You have continued to be supportive beyond the completion of the course and it is clear to me that you are committed to your students for life.

Thanks so very much, Ronelle!

Ann Perry

Nova Scotia, Canada

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