Why LPA?

As two of a very select few certified International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA) Faculty Instructors, we offer you a professional certification path from Certified Hand Analyst to Advanced Hand Analyst to Master Hand Analyst and IIHA Faculty. You may also choose to take the courses to enrich your life, to develop your intuition and/or to gain a new paradigm of consciousness to apply in your personal life with self, family and friends.

Are you a coach, therapist, counselor, educator, healer, mediator, organizational development or team-building specialist? We’ve been training allied helping professionals like you for years. You can apply the Ultimate Life Purpose Assessment Tool to assist your clients in illuminating their unique core talents and purpose and in overcoming the barriers they face on the road to higher consciousness and fulfillment.

We Give You What You Need to Succeed!

BECOME A HEALING PROFESSIONAL Hand Analysts trained by the LPA help clients by identifying their REAL life purpose—no guessing—so they focus their energy on living it. This system objectively pinpoints a personal and specific formula for the soul’s expressive emergence without needing to hear personal history. Insights gained are not specific to current circumstances and are therefore relevant at any point in the client’s life and to every area of life.

HIGHEST QUALIFIED MASTER INSTRUCTORS You receive ALL of your training from Master IIHA Faculty Instructors who have undergone extensive rigorous graduate training in both hand analysis AND in the best practices of teaching the art and science of this system. IIHA Faculty Instructors are trained in coaching techniques to guide you on your own path of personal self-discovery and growth. They have undergone rigorous supervision and agree to uphold the highest standards—for themselves and their students. And we are full-time successful practitioners who focus solely on hands. Learning from IIHA Faculty Instructors is truly studying with the masters.

FOUNDING INSTITUTE CERTIFICATION Being associated with the IIHA, (established in 1985), Richard Unger’s 40 years of research, and Ronelle’s and Janet’s current research and publications, gives you credibility when you put yourself out in the world as a Certified Hand Analyst. You can be confident that you are trained in the most powerful new paradigm of consciousness that has been thoroughly researched and tested. You will know that you completed the most rigorous training and received the most prestigious certification available in the field.

AFFORDABLE INVESTMENT Compare to any other reputable certification programs that offer you groundbreaking tools for personal growth and you will find our programs are very competitively priced. Whether you use this for your own personal growth, as one more tool in your toolbox or to become a fully Certified Hand Analyst, the return on your investment is immediate if you are committed to the process. And we give you more small group tutoring time than any other existing program. You get much more for much less and no travel expenses either.

HIGH-TECH + HIGH-TOUCH STUDENT-CENTRIC TRAINING THAT FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE AND BUDGET Our courses are distance-based and utilize web conferencing and teleconferencing so you can learn from anywhere in the world. This not only means you can you learn in a way that accommodates your busy life, but also there are no travel expenses or extra time involved. As the first to offer distance-based training of this work, LPA is the leader in the field. And we’ve been at it now for over five years and strive constantly to refine our programs so they work best for you.

ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT We provide you with the opportunity of going further with your studies by offering qualified advanced and graduate level training programs to support your personal and professional growth.

BUSINESS SUPPORT We offer you basic business training and support as you need it along the way according to your individual path and are happy to work further with you if your desire is to go pro.

POWERFUL LEARNING STRUCTURE We don’t just teach. We also engage continually in studying how students learn best and then incorporating it into our programs. So you can learn FAST and gain the confidence you need to succeed.